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Oh, Blerg.

So Brown’s most likely our new governor, and Prop 23 appears to be going down. That’s the good news. The House of Reps races are slightly more frustrating than the 90-minute bedtime that destroyed my opportunity to shower.



NaBloPoMo Blah Blah Blah

So this year I thought I’d try my hand at NaBloPoMo. I don’t plan on signing up, but I’ll probably tackle a few of their writing prompts. Mostly I want to get back into daily writing, and I thought shadowing NaBloPoMo might be helpful. If I’m going to plop onto the couch at the end of the day, I may as well poke my brain into stuttering out some prose.

Just checking in right now as we’re wrapped up a weekend of parties and trick-or-treating and started the annual visit with P and J, Patrick’s folks (aka Grandma and Poppy). Like last year, Patrick needs to attend Blu-Con for work so I’ll be up in a couple of hours when Shea wakes up.

Hope everyone had an excellent Halloween/Samhain/All Saints/Dia de los Muertos. Vote tomorrow.


With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel

Hello Zappos, my old friend

I’ve come to shop for shoes again

For the boy’s feet continue to grow,

At a rate that never seems to slow

And retail spaces tweak out his little brain

It drives me insane

So I listen…to the call

Of Zappos


Apparently he needs snowboots, as his are two sizes too small. Catch up with you all later.


Now you are three

Dear Seamus,

You turned three on the sixteenth, which we spent speeding through ghost towns on our way to Ely Nevada, to ride Engine No. 93 on the Nevada Northern Railway. No. 93 went into service in 1909 as an ore train from Ruby mine to McGill. We car-hopped a bit before settling in (as best as you can settle, my wee quicksilver dude) before spending most of the ride in the open  passenger car right behind the locomotive, coal car, and caboose, which meant we were covered in crisp black ash at the end. You also went garnet hunting with us, cowboy gear shopping, and we got a rare tour of the inside of a Union Pacific locomotive waiting for its dispatcher to tell it to leave Truckee with two miles of cargo. We showered you with toys on Saturday, and you got the rare treat of iPad movies on our loooong Sunday haul home.

It’s funny, the ride was meant to be the apex of the weekend, but we had our share of small adventures all weekend. This was our first trip with you since we drove to San Diego with Grandma and Poppy in the spring, and the difference in you is interesting. You can entertain yourself a bit now, but dislike being still for very long, and you hate being thwarted. You are curious and want to see and touch everything, and you know your desires and state them.

You’ve had some rough moments in the last couple of weeks. You’ve been denied treats not because of behavior, but due to circumstances we couldn’t control, and you’ve melted down for long, long tantrums. You’ve also been encouraged to look for things  and get things on your own when you are accustomed to having them pointed out to you or handed to you. I hate to tell you that your responses are ripe for a good old-fashioned ignoring, but I think you’re going to have to ride this stuff out a bit. We’ll guide you as best we can. You are so very sweet and friendly and funny when not having these developmental bumps, that I think that’s the essential you, and the rest of this is building your character skillsets.

Here’s to how all of this shakes out. I love you, little boy.


The mountain of laundry awaits and the dog needs a walk. But I love you, I’m so happy


Three, the prequel, continued

“You’re putting away the dishes?

“Yes, baby.”

“Let me help?”